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Bathroom additions are becoming more popular as the families grow. In Hawaii it is quite common to see multi-generational homes for a growing Ohana. There are several reasons for that. First, the kids tend to live at home until later than in most other states. Sometimes they end up having a family before moving out, or staying. Second, kids may have their parents move in with them when they are elderly and need closer care. Which ever the case, adding another bathroom can make a huge difference in your family quality of life at home. Our bathroom addition contractors also see a generous increase in home value.

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bathroom addition Honolulu, Oahu

Common Bathroom Additions

  • Half Bathroom Addition
  • Full Bathroom Addition
  • Master Bath Addition
  • En Suite Bathroom Addition
  • Guest Bathroom Addition
  • Small Bathroom Addition
  • Shower Addition
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Planning, Design, Budgeting

Identify the space and access to utilities. Discuss options, ideas, and design. We will provide your with a FREE no-obligation quote.


Get the Permits

When moving forward Our bathroom builders are accustomed to obtaining permits by the city of Honolulu when needed.


Build a New Bathroom


Let’s get to business and build your new bathroom! On-time and on budget.

On average, a bathroom addition has a return on investment (ROI) of 50%-60%. That makes a adding a bathroom one of the most significant home improvements a homeowner can make to increase the resale value!

With that in mind, be sure to get the best bathroom addition contractor who can do quality work without breaking the bank, to guarantee the most increase in your property value. Give us a call!

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bathroom design in Hawaii. Project done for a bathroom addition

Design a New Bathroom


One of the first things our general contractor will do is to identify underutilized spaces in your home and lot. Next, he will evaluate the access to water and electricity and figure out the best way to build out a new bathroom.

We can design half bathrooms and full bathrooms. Small, average, and big bathrooms. Install a bathtub, or build a shower. If you are set on a design from a picture show it to us! We will evaluate how that will work for you and give you honest recommendations. Otherwise count with a creative team who has 20 years of experience with bathroom remodeling and bathroom additions in Honolulu and Oahu.

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We are excited to meet you and discuss your ideas to remodel or add a new bathroom to your home. Our estimate is FREE of charge and FREE or pressure. It will include the necessary plumbing, electrical, and construction.

Full Service Team

A common complaint to bathroom renovation in Hawaii or room addition services are delays to completion of the projects.  Assuming there are no unforeseen problems, delays may occur due to lack of organization between different teams.  The flooring can’t be done until the painting is done.  Also, the painter can’t start until the electrician is done.  The electrician can’t start until the plumber resets the pipes and fixtures.  Vanity installation and bathtub installation starts next. Coordinating contractors, painters, electricians, and plumbers is crucial for a smooth and quick job.  

Communication and Organization are NOT an Issue With Us


Bathroom Remodeling Honolulu is a full-service team for bathroom remodeling and new bathroom installation in Oahu. Our general contractor has a full team he has worked with for the past 20 years. We know each other well and have great experience working together making the timelines organized between the different contractors. Ultimately, that also decreases your overall cost for a bathroom addition.