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Replace Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities Honolulu, Hawaii

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Replacing the bathroom cabinet and vanity is another common project when doing a bathroom remodeling Oahu? . Some sinks may be discolored or cracked. Some vanities may also be old and damaged. Or you just want to do it all at once and make it match. Getting new bathroom cabinets and vanities is exciting because now that you know how you use your bathroom, you can try to find a vanity that has the features you wished for all these years. This is even easier if you are building a half or full bathroom.


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Old, cracked, or damaged vanity?

A modern and clean vanity can improve the look and value of any bathroom. The options for colors and materials can make a big difference.

bathroom cabinets and vanities Honolulu

Bathroom Cabinets and Vanity Installation in Honolulu

If you already looked at the stores you may be overwhelmed with the options and the different prices. Having the guidance of an experienced general contractor to choose and install bathroom cabinets and vanities in Honolulu and Oahu is invaluable for most people. It will make the process much easier as we can narrow down the options very quickly after listening for what you want and what you need.
Choosing the right materials for your vanity is important because of the constant proximity to the water. You have to consider the cabinet itself and the countertops.

Why Choose Us for Bathroom Vanity Design and Installation?

Our team has been in the field since 2008. Therefore, we know all the local cabinet makers in the island, the materials they use, and their strengths. Therefore, we can recommend the best design according to your goals, ideas, and budge. Lets start planning today.

Install Vanity Countertops in Honolulu

If you wish to replace or install a new vanity countertop you should choose a durable and stain-resistant material. When we install a vanity countertop in Honolulu and Oahu, we make sure to give it a good seal to prevent any leaks inside the vanity. You must think about how to match it with your bathroom tilebathroom floor, and current or new shower installation. Especially if you are doing a custom shower builder.

Stone countertops

Most people use quartz countertops in Honolulu for both the bathroom and kitchen. Quartz is the most affordable, very easy to clean and maintain. It resists water and stains very well making its durability amazing. To make it more of a no-brainer, it also looks very nice and trendy! If you are looking at a higher class, marble is a great option. However, you need to be aware that marble countertops need maintenance yearly.

Wood countertops

Formica is also known as laminate is a wood countertop. It is by far the cheapest of all countertops and that is the only reason some homeowners still use it. Formica wears out faster, scratches, and stains easily.

Design and Install Bathroom Cabinet

Our contractors can assist you with design and installation of a new bathroom cabinet in Honolulu. This is a good opportunity to review the materials to use for durability and aesthetics. Common materials for the bathroom cabinets are solid plywood, laminate, hardwood, and PVC. Particle board is the worse material as it is not water resistant. If your vanity is made of particle board that may one of the reasons why you are looking for a new one.

Standard Store-bought Cabinet and Vanity

Most vanities are rectangular with the sink set in a hole. You can find smaller or bigger sizes. Some will have drawers, shelves, and/or doors.

Custom Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet

A custom bathroom cabinet is designed to maximize the space available in your bathroom. It can make a big different as far as storage, especially if you have a small bathroom. We are a very creative team who has contacts with local cabinet makers and vendors to provide your with the right options for you and your bathroom. Let us know what you want to store in the bathroom, and we can design the best options for including drawers, doors, and shelves, and where exactly to locate them in the cabinet.

custom bathroom vanity and cabinets

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Looking to replace the bathroom cabinet or the entire vanity? We would love to help you with the planning, narrow down the choices, and installation. We can even custom build a vanity for you. Give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation and FREE quote.