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Part of most of our bath renovations includes bathroom tile installation in Honolulu. That means tile floor and tile walls. For the walls, most people want to install them in the shower and bathtub area only. For SPAs and commercial places, it is common to see tile installation in all the walls. Contact our bathroom tile contractors Honolulu for more info today.

Types of Tile

Our tile contractors will talk you through the different types of tile. You may be looking at porcelain, ceramic, travertine, quartzite, marble, and even granite for wall or floor tile installation. The main differences are the look of it, their ability to resist to water and damage, and of course the price.

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Broken, missing, or stained tiles?

That is a turn-off for most people, especially renters and buyers. Modernizing the tile floor and walls can elevate any room to a much better look and feel. There are options for every budget and outcome desired.

Best Tiles for Bathroom Walls

In general, the best tile for a bathroom wall is ceramic tile. That is because it is durable, easy to maintain, and resists moisture. However, if you are looking at a half bath or guest bath, you may explore other options for design. First, half baths don’t accumulate moisture because there is no shower. Second, half/guest baths are much less used and therefore don’t need as much maintenance. In these cases, you may want to consider a glass mosaic tile for example. Finally, you should consider the weight of the tile. Marble and granite are very heavy and may be better off on the floor than on the wall. If you like the looks of it, there are ceramic and porcelain wall tiles that look like natural stones.

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square mosaic wall and vinyl floor tiling

Best Tiles for Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floor tile is available in different materials. In general, the best options for the bathroom floor are either ceramic, porcelain or vinyl tiles. Just like the tile for the walls, you want to pick a floor tile that lasts long, resists water, and is easy to clean. Since people walk barefoot in Hawaii, our tile contractors will remind you to also consider how comfortable the tiles are to walk on, and if they are slip-resistant. For example, ceramic is not as comfortable as vinyl tile.

Why Choose Our Tile Installers in Oahu?

Bathroom tile installation is not always a quick process; steps have to be taken to ensure it’s installed the right way. However, we work with purpose making each job efficient and high-quality.

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Tile Flooring Installation 

Without a doubt, tile flooring installation is the best option for your bathroom. That is because, for the most part, tiles are water-resistant and non-porous. Homeowners are often sold by looks and don’t pay enough attention to the quality and durability of the materials. This goes for remodeling or if adding a bathroom to your home. Our Honolulu tile flooring contractors will always show you the pros and cons of each tile you consider. The ease of cleaning and the degree of maintenance needed is also another important characteristic to consider. That way you can make the best decision and don’t regret it later on.

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Our Honolulu tile contractors can take care of any tile removal and installation easy. There are many options, and we would love to help you choose the best for your bathroom before moving any further. Give us a call to discuss the best plan for you.